Up In Flames
Season 1, Episode 4
Up In Flames
Air date October 11, 2011
Written by Michael Foley & Erik Oleson
Directed by Niels Arden Oplev
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Up In Flames is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Unforgettable .


Carrie's memory becomes crucial when a crime scene is destroyed in an explosion, moments after she catches a glimpse from the place. They discover a plot involving prison inmates and the kidnapping of a little girl.


Main CastEdit

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Angela Christian as Allison Forrest
  • Paul Urcioli as Sydney Burrell
  • Brad Heberlee as Gary Wright
  • Maury Ginsberg as Isaac Brezner
  • Chris Bauer as Dennis Halsey/Guard
  • Jose Soto as Pablo Hortua
  • Eden Marryshow as Ramon Garza
  • Chad Lindsey as Young Doctor/Tom
  • Adam McNulty as Sgt. Patrick Woodson
  • Michael Basile as Firefighter
  • Edwin J. Birmingham as SWAT Commando
  • Quinn McColgan as Anna Halsey


  • "Matador" by Maria Taylor
  • "One and Only" by ADELE

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