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Image Ep Title Airdate Writer Director
Premiere 1 1 "Pilot" September 20, 2011 Ed Redlich & John Bellucci Niels Arden Oplev
A murder case about a stabbing investigated by a former colleague and old flame gets ex-detective Carrie Wells to use her rare ability to remember her past completely in order to catch the killer.
Heroes 2 "Heroes" September 27, 2011 Sherri Cooper & Jennifer Levin Niels Arden Oplev
Once Carrie is working as a cop again, she must help a little boy who witnessed his parents' murder. Thus, she has to put aside her memories about her past and her sister to help him remember who was the killer.
Check Out Time 3 "Check Out Time" October 4, 2011 Joan B. Weiss John Coles
Carrie tries to uncover the truth when a hotel maid (Maria Ortiz) accused of murder says she was defending herself against attempted rape.
Up In Flames 4 "Up In Flames" October 11, 2011 Michael Foley & Erik Oleson Niels Arden Oplev
Carrie's memory becomes crucial when a crime scene is destroyed in an explosion, moments after she catches a glimpse from the place. They discover a plot involving prison inmates and the kidnapping of a little girl.
With Honor 5 "With Honor" October 18, 2011 Erik Oleson Peter Werner
When Al's ex-partner is gunned down and the investigation reveals he may have been a dirty cop, Carrie must decide how to support him without getting too close. Al is in danger when he is lured to a trap, so his security lies on Carrie's ability leading them to discover who wanted his friend dead.
Friended 6 "Friended" October 25, 2011 Sherri Cooper & Jennifer Levin Niels Arden Oplev
Carrie and Al uncover a web of lies when a murder victim's identity is put into question. They find out she had no records until 18 months ago.
Road Block 7 "Road Block" November 1, 2011 Heather Bellson & Christal Henry Jean de Segonzac
When a single dad is killed, Carrie races to find both the killer and the man's daughter. Meanwhile, her search into Rachel's killer goes ahead, when her mother gives her a clue.
Unforgettablelostthings 8 "Lost Things" November 8, 2011 Jan Nash John Showalter
When a public defender is murdered, the team finds out the killer may have greater plans in mind, which may lead to another murder.
Golden Bird 9 "Golden Bird" November 15, 2011 Michael Foley Paul Holahan
Al and Carrie investigate the murder of a teen who seemed to have no enemies. Meanwhile, Carrie looks to her estranged aunt for help with the investigation into her sister's murder.
Trajectories 10 "Trajectories" November 22, 2011 Erik Oleson Anna Foerster
When investigating on a gang related crime scene suddenly gunfire goes off and a second murder occurs. Al and Carrie have to go through hundreds of bystanders to find out who is responsible for the killings.
160px 11 "Spirited Away" December 13, 2011 Joan B. Weiss Karen Gaviola
When a renowned ghost hunter is killed, Carrie and Al discover that his death may be linked to a chilling discovery he made recently.
Butterfly effect 12 "Butterfly Effect" January 3, 2012 Sam Montgomery Jace Alexander
When a construction worker with a promising future is murdered, Carrie and Al wonder if his ties to the mob were the cause of his death or an unrelated coincidence. Meanwhile, the son of the mob boss falls in love with Carrie.
160px 13 "Brotherhood" January 10, 2012 Jim Adler John Coles
A routine investigation into a college student’s death takes a disturbing turn for Carrie when a suspect makes a dangerous move to outwit her memory.
Carrie's Caller 14 "Carrie's Caller" February 7, 2012 Ed Redlich & John Bellucci Aaron Lipstadt
A serial killer with knowledge of Carrie's memory abilities taunts the Queens PD as his list of victims grows.
The Following Sea 15 "The Following Sea" February 14, 2012 Jan Nash & Michael Foley Oz Scott
When a key witness in his murder case vanishes before testifying, Al scrambles to find her before the suspect walks free.
160px 16 "Heartbreak" February 21, 2012 Spencer Hudnut Anna Foerster
Carrie and Al are at a loss to explain how a murder victim mysteriously appeared in an empty ballpark.
160px 17 "Blind Alleys" February 28, 2012 Erik Oleson & Heather Bellson Peter Werner
Al and Carrie are forced to the sidelines by a negotiator when the father of a suspect that Roe shot takes members of the Queens PD, including Nina, hostage in a desperate quest for justice.
The Comeback 18 "The Comeback" March 20, 2012 Michael Foley & Christal Henry Jean De Segonzac
When Carrie's latest case is stalled by a powerful family's influence, she receives assistance from a lawyer who may be the mysterious caller who orchestrated a series of sniper attacks.
160px 19 "Allegiances" March 27, 2012 Joan B. Weiss Oz Scott
Carrie's personal and professional lives collide when her boyfriend, the son of a mob boss, is revealed to have ties to suspects in a murder investigation.
160px 20 "You Are Here" April 10, 2012 Jim Adler Jean DeSegonzac
Carrie and Al must get inside the mind of a deranged conspiracy theorist before he sets off a series of bombs.
160px 21 "Endgame" (Part 1) May 1, 2012 Jim Adler Jean DeSegonzac
When Walter Morgan turns up dead, Carrie must locate his killer while deflecting attention from the prime suspect - her.
The man in the woods 22 "The Man in the Woods" (Part 2) May 8, 2012 Ed Redlich & John Bellucci John Coles
On the trail of her sister’s murderer, Carrie returns to Syracuse, where the killer may have struck again.

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