Main Character
Joanne Webster
Name Joanne Webster
Gender Female
Family -
City New York
Rank Medical Examiner
Division Forensics
Portrayed By Jane Curtin
Status Alive
First Appearance Carrie's Caller
Dr. Joanne Webster is Carrie's friend and the gifted but crusty Chief Medical Examiner of New York at the queens PD precint. She is an experienced medical examiner and a new main charecter introduced in Carrie's Caller. Joanne has been relegated to Queens district for speaking out against her superiors. As she's too senior to be fired, they hope to force her to resign. Carrie and Joanne also do a lot of tag-teams, since they are good friends. She was also the first one Carrie told about having a possible lead on her sister's killer. She is very interested in Carrie and her sister's murder as she has had experience with tenaciously hunting down leads for cold cases.